Sexta-feira, 5 de Outubro de 2007

Howland Wolves

George Yellowhead (b. 1963), Howling Wolves (2004).


My life is an illusion. It does not exist. Not without you. And so, I howl. Silently. I howl and I will keep howling. Forever.


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Quinta-feira, 2 de Agosto de 2007

Portenglish Culture in California


   The Portuguese presence in California is documented since the 16th century, when João Rodrigues Cabrilho (c.1496-1543) reached what is known today as San Diego bay. Later, there were are also some peculiar characters linked to  the Gold Rush, but the main settlement of Portuguese emigrants occurred during the 20th century, when thousands started working in shipyards and, most of them, in California farms.

   Portenglish, a pidgin mixing Portuguese and English languages, is still common today in large communities of Portuguese background in North America, particularly in the states of California, New Jersey and Massachussets, in the U.S.A., and some provinces of Canada.

   This crate label provides an example of what may have been an earlier documented text integrating Portenglish - limoneira may very well be an obvious corruption of lemonade.

   Many examples of Portenglish abound in morphology, either regarding nouns, adjectives or verbs, and syntax. One of the most peculiar examples of Portenglish  is related to the gender of the US and Canada currency – in Portuguese, the dollar is masculine (o, um dólar), while in Portenglish it becomes feminine ("a, uma dolla"). This may be owed to the indefinite article  "a" in English (a dollar), which may have influenced the ocurrence of such use in Portenglish. (The definite articles in Portuguese are "o,a (singular); os,as (plural)".) 


DVD cover for Bananas Is My Bussiness (1995), a documentary on Carmen Miranda directed by Helena Solberg (dates unknown).


   Curiously enough, one of the main Portuguese mid-century movie celebrities is scarcely identified as Portuguese, either in California or the U.S. In fact, the Portuguese-born actress Carmen Miranda (1909-1955) embodies the Hollywood image of exotic Brazil in the 1940s and 1950s. Such exotic treatment of Latin-American characters influenced even Walt Disney Productions, which released The Three Caballeros in 1944. This movie introduced Joe Carioca, a character that prevailed in Brazilian comics for decades as José (Zé) Carioca.

   Notice how the crate label design evokes the flag of Brazil.

   For one of the latest pastiches of Carmen Miranda's famous performances, check


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Segunda-feira, 30 de Julho de 2007


Photo © Boris Roessler / EPA


The secret meaning of calla lilies.


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The silent monologue of Lacan before his secretly kept Courbet.



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α| (...)  (...)


The secret dialogue about calla lilies between O'Keefe and Freud.


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Sexta-feira, 13 de Julho de 2007

Silence (Sunday Morning)


The gates still stood among the fortress ruins,

but you, the guardian, sensed the weakness.

"I am not I any longer...", you declared softly,  

while your dress slowly vanished in the mist,

and an eternal melancholy pervaded

the beaming evanescence of the past.

By then, your voice became a memory, mother,

and your absence a deafening silence.


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Segunda-feira, 9 de Julho de 2007



Sadakichi Hartmann (1867-1944), Japanese Art (Boston: L. C. Page & Co., 1904; in fact, September, 1903). Drawing for the gilded cover by an unidentified artist (FR? RR? TR? RT? AR?).


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Sexta-feira, 6 de Julho de 2007

Curiosidades - Uma Opinião Sobre Lisboa

Bilhete postal circulado em Agosto de 1952, de Lisboa para Indiana, E.U.A.


" [Lisboa, 13 de Agosto de 1952]


   Olá de novo. Esta, acreditem ou não, é a frente ribeirinha de Lisboa. A primeira coisa que vemos quando saímos do escaler. É uma grande diferença relativamente à frente ribeirinha de Boston, New York [E.U.A.] ou Cherbourg [França], mas toda esta cidade de Lisboa é magnífica. Como Paris, está repleta de largas avenidas arborizadas, parques, monumentos e fontes, mas a vida decorre mais lentamente neste clima quente. No final, continuaria a escolher Paris, mas tem sido divertido visitar este soalheiro Portugal. Nem a Califórnia consegue bater isto.


   Cliff Watts"



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Quinta-feira, 21 de Junho de 2007

Once Upon a Time... (V)

Photo © aarthyr


   Meanwhile, somewhere in the mind of the confused author:

   "It's time I wrap up this mess..."


   "Johnny, hurry up with the packing of that mirror! Mr. Lewis is expecting  it today. Hurry up, boy!"

   "It's almost ready, mom...." Whispering, "... you'll never guess what I've seen in this mirror..."


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Once Upon a Time... (IV)

Photo © aarthyr


   Take 4, close-up, inside the masters' parlor:

   "By Jove!", said the great master, "They will spoil it all! Summon the master of the thunders! I'll warn them with some thunderbolts! They will learn how to behave when the future of Christianity and humankind depends on their acts! Quick! Get me the master!"


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